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These are my very first manufactured ceramics. They are incredibly limited, only 10 of each. As such they are Artist’s Proofs of sorts, if the designs were repeated they would be different, as like all artist’s proofs, things are always tweaked and changed, in an effort towards a perfection  .....

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.....  I want to be as ethical as I can be, and keeping things local and in the U.K both lowers the carbon footprint a little and ensures good working conditions for the workforce. But this does add to the price point, U.K potteries cannot be as cheap as the Chinese factories. But hopefully the price point doesn’t deter everybody.

All is Fine Bone China, all are made in Stoke on Trent and all are Dishwasher Proof.

Being my first venture, two of the products have small flaws, the Phileas Dogg is missing a black flower and My Dear Deer has white flowers around the edge where there should have been black,

I have highlighted in the description detail and photographed. I did consider not having these up for sale, however, the general consensus amongst my friends is that this makes them ‘special’ and truly affirms that they are indeed the very first of my ceramics adventure. Time will tell.

Each plate will arrive surrounded by shredded tissue paper and packed in a hand stamped recyclable pizza box, not only are they a perfect fit but also I love the idea that the box can be reused again and again.  I love the possibility that one box can move back and forward amongst friends and family for years and years, maybe written on each time and crossed out lightly by the new sender, each time the box will gain a piece of history of where it has been and who has passed it on. A kind of throw away family heirloom that may return to the original sender someday. And of course being made from recycled cardboard makes them fully recyclable.

I am hoping that these are a success, I really want to produce a complete range of ceramics in the future, have loved the design process and I am desperate to expand, however, being sensible I need to see if they are loved by people too before the bigger investment.



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