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All the Cut-Out products started simply, I was idly channel hopping one evening and briefly stopped on a Crafting Channel. On it was this machine that seemed to be able to cut out anything and could be programmed via the computer. Well, that was enough, it arrived a few days later. Well I have never managed to get it to do what I first had in mind, intricate lace pattern, like doilies, however I could get it to do very basic cuts around solid black lines. I soon started experimenting by cutting out my linocut prints. The more intricate the edge the longer it took, and its quite noisy, and can never be left alone as now and again it likes to chew up the paper. But the results are worth it. It is the best mistake purchase I have ever made! Soon the cut-out paper sculpture cards emerged, then the mobiles, bookmarks, hanging things, paper dolls and bunting. I have loved every minute of making them and have lots more idea for future products! Please note, all my cuts -outs are made only from a heavy paper.

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