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What started out as a few ideas for cushions, soon extended into other textiles, with a long term view to further expand. I started out screen printing my cushion material in the studio, these were then expertly sewn up by a neighbour, I loved the idea that by keeping it local our carbon footprint was so low .....

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..... The patterns that emerged during the ceramic development seemed so appropriate for material I soon decided to apply them to a textile range. I found a lovely U.K. printing company who could print my material by the meter, they offered me so much advice on colour matching and quality of materials and I opted to use a high quality 100% cotton, 8oz half panama, it quite a heavyweight and has a high quality feel to it. I discovered that they could also do my sewing so I took the plunge and ordered the minimum quantity of the least complicated thing, the humble tea towel.

I was so pleased with the outcome I decided to expand into bags and aprons, however, I quickly realised that I had so many designs, I couldn’t quite afford the investment because of the minimum order requirements. Around the same time I was given my Mums vintage Jones ZigZag Sewing Machine, its over 50 years old, but still worked incredibly well, missing stitches only occasionally, I have got very efficient with my un-picker tool! I ordered the raw fabric on a roll, enough for two of each product, and so far I have sewn up only one of each design. This is what you see in aprons and bags, they are truly hand made.

I want to expand this area and have lots of ideas, again, this is an experiment, if they sell, there will be more, perhaps this time not sewn by me but either my lovely neighbour or the printing company!

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